Solves A Problem

Engineers use epoxy grout to construct a solid foundation on sand and water soaked soil.

Delta Industrial Preconstruction Planning Solves a Problem

Engineers use epoxy grout to construct a solid foundation on sand and water soaked soil.

Belleville, MI. – Preconstruction soil testing for the installation of a 2,000-ton press at Wellington Industries revealed a water soaked sand base that was insufficient to support the one-million-pound press install.

Construction began by removing the sandy soil, which required a 22-foot deep excavation supported by 30-foot steel pilings. The water in the pit was pumped out through six well points and the ground allowed to dry.

To ensure that the press pit would not deteriorate over time, from either the surrounding ground conditions or the 1.2 million pound force exerted by the press, Delta used a unique epoxy based, non-shrink grout that is 5 times stronger than concrete. A supporting 80-foot scrap metal conveyor and electrical/mechanical trench was built as part of the press pit project.

At the time of the press install, Delta craftsmen placed four, three-foot, two-inch thick leveling base plates, spaced 20-feet apart, that were within an exacting .001 of an inch variance and required no additional leveling. When asked how Delta completed this complex build so efficiently, project manager Vadim Beginin credited their in-house engineering and design team for preconstruction planning that anticipated potential obstacles that may have affected costs and time lines.

Delta Industrial, the recognized leader in machine foundations, press pits and industrial concrete construction has offices in Chesterfield Michigan, Trussville Alabama, and Fort Thomas Kentucky. The company, founded in 1993, specializes in the design and construction of machine and press foundations, concrete flat work and steel fabrication.

About Delta – We are a “Full Performance,” company with the ability to control every aspect of construction and we own all the necessary construction equipment. We are well versed in cutting edge construction techniques and are able to assist our clients from concept through design to finished product. We have worked with a wide and diverse base of companies throughout the country.

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